[OS X TeX] Re: MacOSX-TeX Digest, Vol 34, Issue 8

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Mon Aug 9 04:50:09 EDT 2010

Am 09.08.2010 um 08:12 schrieb Alain Matthes:

> But question What is ptex ?

PTeX is a mostly Japanase variant to also be able to typeset top-down,  
right to left (were folks then all left-handed that they started to  
write, in columns, from right to left that they did not have to lay  
their hands on the just written ans still humid text?). And according  
to Japanese standards (JIS). Almost 25 years old, almost from the  
start multi-byte (while original TeX, before 3.0, was 7-bit). Since  
some years pTeX uses features of OT fonts. See http://ajt.ktug.kr/2008/0201okumura.pdf 
  and more.


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