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Richard Seguin riseguin at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 10 10:27:03 EDT 2010

On Aug 10, 2010, at 8:10 AM, Robert wrote:

> On 09.08.10 19:06, George Gratzer wrote:
>> Problem: my book (about 600 pages) typesets in under 4 secs,
>> with microtype about 30 secs.
> This sounds unusual. microtype does make typesetting a bit slower, but I've never encountered such a difference. When I compile the microtype docs (200+ pages), for instance, it typesets in 11 secs with, and 8 secs without the microtype package. So something seems to be going wrong in your case. Could you post your preamble? What does your book consist of (text, maths, tikz, ...?)
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> Robert

My experience is similar: a 170 page document that I've worked on compiles only somewhat slower using microtype. Microtype does increase the size of the output PDF file by almost a factor of 2, but I don't consider that to be a problem. Maybe the compile time increase as a ratio is a non-linear function of the size of the document. Anyway, microtype significantly improves the appearance and readability of the document.

Richard Séguin

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