[OS X TeX] How to make locate/spotlight search ,,,

Vic Norton vic at norton.name
Wed Aug 11 08:22:52 EDT 2010

On Aug 10, 2010, at 6:25 PM, Claus Gerhardt wrote:

> The simplest way to do a Spotlight search in a directory outside your home directory is to open that directory and press cmd-f. Clicking on "This Mac" will then show the corresponding files in your home directory.

This doesn't work for me, Claus. For example the following sequence produced nothing.
   1. I opened /usr/local/texlive/
   2. I clicked cmd-f
   3. In the resulting Searching "textlive" window I searched
       for "Contents" containing "Walter Schmidt"
   4. Nothing was found.

Be that as it may
starts off with
                 TeX support files for the
           Lucida Bright and Lucida New Math fonts
                      as of 2006-03-23
                                              Walter Schmidt

Is there something I'm missing here. How can I make your directions work?



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