[OS X TeX] Re: FindContent (Re: How to make locate/spotlight search ...)

Vic Norton vic at norton.name
Wed Aug 11 20:05:20 EDT 2010

Hi Michael,

I've installed your FindContent, but I have the same problem with it that I had Claus Gerhardt's suggestion for locating content in /usr/local with Spotlight. FindContent cannot see /usr/local.

In your readme.txt file you say
   To search for content of all areas indexed by Spotlight (which
   includes /usr/local ...
But that is the rub. My Spotlight (iMac, Mac OSX 10.6.4) has not indexed /usr/local nor do its preferences appear to give me any option to do so. 

So my question is this. How do I get Spotlight to index /usr/local on my machine? If I can accomplish this I am sure that I will be able to find "Walter Schmidt" in



On Aug 11, 2010, at 7:06 PM, Michael Sharpe wrote:

> I uploaded a revised copy of the Automator service to 
> http://math.ucsd.edu/~msharpe/FindContent.dmg
> The enclosed readme provides the simple installation instructions. I made a number of revisions including the one pointed out by Claus, plus others that ensure there is a Terminal window open before attempting to write to it.
> Michael

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