[OS X TeX] Re: The microtype mystery

Robert w.m.l at gmx.net
Thu Aug 19 00:23:20 EDT 2010

On 19.08.10 04:22, George Gratzer wrote:
> I emailed you the "article".

Thanks. I get similar results, i.e. the compilation time (almost) 
doubles when using microtype. Although this is a bit more than I would 
have expected (and probably only occurs with huge documents, where tex's 
main work consists in the actual typesetting as opposed to executing 
packages' macros), I guess it's more or less unavoidable. pdftex is 
slower since it has more paragraph-breaking options to consider, and the 
microtype package itself also takes up some time.
However, this (0m2.442s vs. 0m4.226s) is far from the times you 
mentioned in your original post (0m2.595s vs. 0m35.443s), and even 
farther from Josep Maria's extreme times (0m4.266s vs. 3m39.757s).
So, if the compilation time only more or less doubles, I don't think 
there's much I can do about it. If there really are cases where 
typesetting takes ten or even fifty times longer, then I am still in 
want of example documents (hint for Josep Maria... ;-).


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