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Themis Matsoukas tmatsoukas at me.com
Sun Aug 22 16:11:58 EDT 2010

On Aug 21, 2010, at 9:18 PM, David Arnold wrote:

> Oh duh,
> I just realized that you can command-click the title, then the directory you want. How long have I been using a Mac and not taking advantage of this? 

Unfortunately, this feature is partially broken (at least in OS 10.6.4/TS 2.36, though I remember a time that it worked correctly) if the file in question is read using \input via relative path and that path is somewhat convoluted. In the screen shot below, the correct path of the file, as revealed by dropping the file on the terminal, is

Themis-MacBook-Pro:~ Themis$ /Users/Themis/WorkStuff/Classes/ChE\ 524/Homework/hw-folder/../problem-dbase/pStat2_Q_Helmholtz/problem.tex 

but command-click sees an extraneous /Homework/hw-folder in the path and fails to navigate to the file in the finder. Apparently, control-click interprets the "/.."  in the path incorrectly:  it replaces it with /Homework (which is indeed the correct enclosing directory) instead of replacing the path /Homework/hw-folder/../problem-dbase/ with the path /Homework/problem-dbase/.

As to why there is a "/.." in the path, the root file is in /Homework/hw-folder; problem.tex is in /Homework/problem-dbase/pStat2_Q_Helmholtz/ and I read it using \input{../problem-dbase/pStat2_Q_Helmholtz/problem.tex}. I opened problem.tex by typesetting the root file and syncing from the pdf to the source (apparently, this preserves the /.. in the path). 


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