[OS X TeX] Problem using Glossaries in TeX for Mac

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Mon Aug 23 15:47:32 EDT 2010

On Aug 23, 2010, at 1:27 PM, David Kaplan wrote:

> Greetings,
> I'm attempting to use the Glossaries package for the first time.  My preamble includes
> \usepackage{glossaries}
> \makeglossaries
> \include{glossary}
> I also have a \printglossaries  line placed at the bottom of the paper.
> When I run makeindex i receive the following error
> Couldn't find input index file TEST v1-1 nor TEST  v1-1.idx.
> Any thoughts would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.
> David


I assume \include{glossary} is reading in the file glossary.tex that contains the glossary data as required by the glossaries package.

What editor/front end are you using?

If you are using TeXShop:

first activate the ``latexmk'' engines by moving them from ~/Library/TeXShop/Engines/Inactive/Latexmk/ two directories up, to ~/Library/TeXShop/Engines/ (~ is your HOME directory);

then put the line

% !TEX TS-program = pdflatexmk

at the top of your source file;

finally simply compile your document using Typeset->Typeset (Cmd-T). This will automatically compile the document using pdflatex, run makeindex and/or bibtex and additional runs of pdflatex to resolve all cross-references, etc. If you want to compile with latex use the line

% !TEX TS-program = latexmk

and the line

% !TEX TS-program = xelatexmk

to use xelatex for the compiles.

If you're not using TeXShop there are ways to use the latexmk program to compile but there are some things you need to do to set things up and I'm not knowledgeable enough with other editors/front ends to set this up.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

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