[OS X TeX] Re: The microtype mystery

Robert w.m.l at gmx.net
Wed Aug 25 19:46:57 EDT 2010

On 24.08.10 16:06, George Gratzer wrote:
> One closing question. I just use
> \usepackage{microtype}
> Should I bother learning the options? Should I use some?

In general, microtype tries to do its best without the user having to 
tell it, so just loading it without any options should be sufficient in 
most cases.
One option that might be worthwhile looking into, though, is the 
"tracking" option (if you use small caps in your document). E.g. loading 
microtype with the options "tracking=smallcaps,letterspace=30" will 
slightly letterspace all small caps. (The aim being to "invisibilise" 
them, ie. to prevent that they stand out on the text page due to their 
greater "grey value". The number for the "letterspace" option therefore 
depends on the characteristics of the respective font. If you look at 
the page from a distance, and you cannot distinguish the small caps 
immediately, then it's right.)
Similarly, should you typeset acronyms in capitals: "\textls[50]{UNIX}" 
will be less obtrusive than "UNIX", where the amount, again, depends on 
the font.


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