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Alain Matthes alain.matthes at mac.com
Wed Dec 8 17:14:18 EST 2010


Versions N° 1.0c  of tkz-base, tkz-euclide and tkz-fct are ready for the  CTAN server.
Now if the syntax is not the same of TikZ, I use pgfkeys and it's more easy to use options
 like line width, color, text, mark etc. 

There is tkz-base (the base) and two  packages linked at tkz-base : tkz-euclide Euclidean geometry (2D)
and tkz-fct a tool to draw curves with  tikz and gnuplot.

You can see examples here (the site is under reconstruction )

fct : http://altermundus.fr/pages/fct.html  : cannabis curves comes from e mathworld (awesome )

euclide :  http://altermundus.fr/pages/euclide.html

 base : http://altermundus.fr/pages/base.html

Before to find the files on  CTAN, texlive etc.  you can go here

To use  tkz-base : \usepackage{tkz-base} is enough and you can use macros for axes, points 

To use  euclide :  \usepackage{tkz-euclide}  then  \usetkzobj{all} and you have a lot of objects circles, arcs, sectors, protractor, compass

To use fct : you need gnuplot  (indispensable) but  \usepackage{tkz-fct} is enough

Please report typos or any other comments to this documentation to : al.ma at mac.com

Alain Matthes

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