[OS X TeX] On the %!TEX ... codes (was Re: Latexian 1.0 Released)

Josep Maria Font jmfont at ub.edu
Thu Dec 9 11:04:15 EST 2010


Very interested in following the recent thread on advantages of using the codes %!TEX xxx = yyy at the beginning of files for several purposes. Especially Juan Luís explanation was very helpful. The examples in his last message have reminded me of one doubt: Is it 

%!TEX xxx = yyy

or rather

% !TEX xxx = yyy ?

If I recall correctly, the first form was the original one, but due to clash with postscript code it was recommended to use %%!TEX , and later on  % !TEX , which appears in the examples in last message (but not in some of the text). Curiously, TeXShop's Help panel recommends %!TEX in some places, but % !TEX in others. 

Can anyone clarify and point to a definitive and authoritative source ?

Finally, it would be helpful to explain the interaction between the 

% !TEX encoding = IsoLatin

mechanism and usage of


and similar options. I think this package has to be called so that typing á in your source file renders á in the typeset; without it, even if you have % !TEX encoding = IsoLatin, the á will be understood but not typeset. Am I right ?

Thanks to all,


[Juan Luís: En el Help en español hay un sitio donde dice que no puede haber espacios alrededor del signo = !]


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