[OS X TeX] SimpleTeX4ht 2.9 released [was: Re: SimpleTeX4ht 2.8 released]

Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at gmx.de
Mon Dec 13 08:09:22 EST 2010

>> I've used this nice interface to tex4ht but have one problem with it
>> for my use. I used the `Expert' interface because of the way I want
>> equations to be treated for html conversion but every time I start up
>> SimpleTeX4ht I've got to re-insert those options. Any way you can
>> have a set of options that can save these as a default set?
> I'm afraid that's not possible. You cannot save expert options in
> SimpleTeX4ht preferences. AFAICS there is no configuration file either.
> You can file a feature request to the developer at
> <http://www.simpletex4ht.free.fr/contact/index.php>.

Version 2.9 of SimpleTeX4ht has been released the other day and the
versions history says Herb Schulz' suggestions have found their way into
the new version. Thanks very much to both of you, e.g., to Herbert for
filing the report, and to Yves Gesnel for implementing the new features
this quickly.


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