[OS X TeX] Syncing in one direction only

Don Green Dragon fergdc at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 16 22:00:34 EST 2010

Hello All,

I'm using version 2.37 of TeXShop. Recently I completed work on two LaTeX documents 
	Chapter1.tex  and  Chapter2.tex
These files can each be typeset with the LaTeX option; i.e., each has a full preamble.

Wanting to put them together, a file Master.tex was created. Master.tex uses the same preamble that  Chapter1.tex  and  Chapter2.tex  used, but Chapter1.tex  and  Chapter2.tex were "stripped down" to form the files
	Chapter1short.tex  and  Chapter2short.tex
i.e., the more recent files are just the old guys with the preamble and back matter removed; i.e., they begin with a \chapter{...} command. Additionally, the new guys end with \endinput not \end{document}. In Master.tex, I have


The above is used because the files are related as follows:


When Master.tex is typeset, the result is perfect! The stuff in ~JUNK/Chap1/Chapter1short.tex shows up in Chapter 1, and that in ~JUNK/Chap2/Chapter2short.tex forms Chapter 2 in Master.pdf.

What an incredibly neat system!  :--) However ....

If in Master.pdf one holds down the Comment-key and then clicks within Master.pdf, then TeXShop syncs over to the related code in file ~JUNK/Chap1/Chapter1short.tex or
~JUNK/Chap2/Chapter2short.tex as is appropriate. But if I try to sync from one of the source files back to Master.pdf then it does not work.

Should it work?

I'm not sure about the manner in which I 'included' the source files! Reading  Gratzer's book (chapter 18) I get the impression that all the source files (included files) should be attached to JUNK. Reading in the LaTeX Companion has not helped --- so far! So I made copies of ~JUNK/Chap1/Chapter1short.tex  and  ~JUNK/Chap2/Chapter2short.tex  and placed the copies in JUNK and changed the 'include' lines to:


Typeset was good, but with respect to syncing: No difference! Only PDF to source worked!

Working with the source files via Master.tex seems so much more efficient, but if one cannot sync from source to PDF, then ..... ???

Don Green Dragon
fergdc at Shaw.ca

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