[OS X TeX] Re: "! LaTeX Error: No counter 'a' defined."

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Dec 22 05:05:16 EST 2010

Am 22.12.2010 um 02:22 schrieb John B. Thoo:

> If I use only \include (lines 175 and 182--185) in the minimal  
> example main file "narrowhom.tex", and none of the \includeonly  
> (lines 52--56), then how can I typeset only the chapter on which I'm  
> presently working while keeping the cross references in all the  
> chapters intact?  I thought that's what \includeonly is for, but  
> apparently I'm mistaken.

I think lshort describes the use of the \include* statements. Cross  
references can be "kept intact" with latexmk, I think...



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