[OS X TeX] personal package : following 2

Alan Munn amunn at gmx.com
Thu Dec 23 14:18:31 EST 2010

On Dec 23, 2010, at 11:46 AM, Richard Koch wrote:

> Karine,
> You do NOT have a problem. Don't reinstall.
> I wrote you privately about personal files. These style
> files and class files should be put int
> 	~/Library/texmf/tex/latex
> Here ~/Library is the Library folder in your home directory, NOT the  
> system Library
> folder. You will have to create the subdirectories texmf, tex, and  
> latex. You can put
> your files in subdirectories of this final "latex" directory if you  
> like.

Hi Dick,

Since this is a problem that comes up from time to time, would it be  
possible for the MacTeX installer to check if the ~/Library/texmf  
folder exists, and if it doesn't create one with the appropriate  
folder structure?  (It's trivial to write a script to do this. (I can  
send you one.) This would probably save very new users a lot of  
frustration. I think many of underestimate how familiar users are with  
how the files on their computer are organized, so even the simple  
"make a bunch of directories" isn't as simple a task as we might think.


Alan Munn
amunn at gmx.com

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