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Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 11:00:53 EST 2010

On Dec 30, 2010, at 11:41 PM, Don Green Dragon wrote:

>> I did it following Bruno Voisin's instructions on this list on  
>> March 22, 2007 1:35:26 PM EDT
> I have not done that! Since texmf.cnf is such a brief file (here),  
> what is in yours?

I have forgotten how to open it. All I remember is that when I  
changed the "p" to whatever Voisin said, I never got the message  
again and all was smooth.

>> (2) I have attached a zip of a minimum example which---I just  
>> checked---works here.
> Well ..... it works here too, in the following sense. If I try to  
> TYPESET (in your examples) either Contents/1.tex or Controls/1.tex,  
> the console consistently gives two main complaints (for example):
> No file ../Contents/1.aux
> and
> ./1.tex:7: I can't write on file `../Contents/1.aux (openout_any=p)

Yes, I remember but, as far as I can remember, once I changed the "p"  
everything worked as advertised.

> However, when the console asks for a filename, I have responded  
> with, for example, "don" (no quotes), and the typeset completes AND  
> a file don.tex is created and placed in Controls/ never in  
> Contents/. If one examines don.tex it looks like an .aux file to  
> me. After several typesets, I end up with files don.tex,  
> doreen.tex, frank.tex, georeg.tex and each such file is identical  
> and each is located in Controls/.

No idea.

> In brief, the behaviour of your examples is identical to that  
> observed with the examples that I created a couple of days ago. I  
> noted also, that one of your examples creates a page entitle  
> 'Contents' but no table of contents was listed.
> However, in all trials, yours and mine, it is necessary to reply to  
> the demand:
> Please type another output file name:

I still think that it has to do with the "p"

> In fact, when your file TheBook.tex was typeset, it was necessary  
> to reply to the demand <Please type another output file name:>  
> TWICE and on doing so created files don.tex and rae.tex whose  
> contents referred to the source files Contents/1.tex and Contents/ 
> 2.tex and they were clearly .aux files although their suffix  
> was .tex not .aux.
> It seems to me, that the behaviour observed is totally consistent  
> with what the good book LaTeX Companion claims.

I still think that it has to do with the "p"
>> (3) Re H1: You can typeset a chapter either from the control file  
>> or from the contents file. Either way, you get one aux file in  
>> each folder (different ones)
> At last I can confirm that typesetting works from both Contents/ 
> 1.tex and Controls/1.tex. However, I do NOT get an .aux file in  
> Contents/. When I reply with the filename "george", for example,  
> then a file george.tex is created in Controls/ and, as claimed  
> above, it looks like an auxiliary file to me. These files are long  
> compared to the 'real' .aux files in Controls/. For example, here  
> is the file Controls/1.aux

I have attached screeshots of the folder GreenDragon before and after  
I typeset 1.tex

> \relax
> \@input{../Contents/1.aux}

Yes and here are the contents of Contents/1.aux once LaTeX can write it:

\@writefile{toc}{\contentsline {chapter}{\numberline {1}Chapter The  
\@writefile{lof}{\addvspace {10\p@ }}
\@writefile{lot}{\addvspace {10\p@ }}
\@writefile{toc}{\contentsline {section}{\numberline {1.1}section the  

>> (4)	I use %!TEX root = ../Controls/\jobname.tex so as to avoid  
>> entering chapter numbers by hand and making mistakes.
> I still don't follow your \jobname device! The only reference I  
> could find was in the LaTeX Companion on page 754 and the example  
> did not enlighten me.  :--(  It works though!  :-)

TeXShop can read it after %!TEX root = but other editors probably  
cannot.  But I use it a lot with the ancillaries.

>> (5)	I don't think that
>> 		\frontmatter
>> 		\tableofcontents
>> 		\mainmatter
>> 	in the control file for a chapter will get you chapter TOCs. Use  
>> titletoc.
> Hmmmm! Another package!

Well, if you want chapter toc, that's one of only two ways to go.

> There are a couple of points in your setup that I am at odds with.
> In the more realistic examples that I've been testing, if I use  
> your setup, then in each file
> 	Controls/ChapN.tex
> with N in {1,2,3,...,20} say, I need a non-null preamble because in  
> Contents/ChapN.tex there are a number of user-defined commands,  
> environments, etc., that are applied. Granted, the preamble in  
> Controls/Chap1.tex might be significantly different than the one in  
> Controls/Chap2.tex. However, I've been using the same preamble for  
> each chapter, hence, using your setup I will end up with N copies  
> of my preamble. This seems to be inefficient. When it comes time to  
> typeset the entire document, then the file TheBook.tex (to use your  
> identifier) must contain that same preamble.

This was a minimal example. Here is an actual control file for a book  
I wrote:

%ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssBegin PREAMBLE
% sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss End PREAMBLE
% sssssssssssss Begin ADJUSTMENTS to DOCUMENT
% sssssssssssssss End ADJUSTMENTS to DOCUMENT

The only thing that changes from chapter to chapter are the two  
addtocounter .

As you can see, the stylesheets would be in GreenDragon/StyleSheets/  
Thus, people downloading the source don't have to fiddle with them.

> At the moment, the setup I prefer is patterned after what George  
> Graetzer sets out in his book (I think  ;--))
> Create the directory MyBook. Attached to MyBook would be  
> subdirectories
> 	Chap1   Chap2 ... ChapN
> and within those subdirectories the various chapters would be  
> created via a file ChapI/ChapterI.tex where I is in
> {1,2, ... ,N}. The root or master file would be MyBook/MyBook.tex  
> which would contain the desired preamble, applicable to all the  
> source files
> 	Chap1/Chapter1.tex   Chap2/Chapter2.tex ... ChapN/ChapterN.tex
> Other than the preamble, the file MyBook/MyBook.tex would consist  
> mainly of \include commands to form the front matter, main matter,  
> and back matter, plus an \includeonly{...} entry in the preamble  
> when working on a particular chapter.

I used \includeonly for a while and it got me into trouble. Can't  
remember how but it was bad. That is when I started on what  
eventually became "my" setup

> In this way, TeX keeps track of everything (I think) and no manual  
> intervention is needed.

You still have to turn the includeonly on and off. In "my" setup, I  
want to work on a chapter, I just open it. Period. Don't have to deal  
with any other flle.

> For example, when MyBook/Chap1/Chapter1.tex is typeset, then TeX  
> creates the accompanying MyBook/Chap1/Chapter1.aux, and so on down  
> the line. After you've completed both MyBook/Chap1/Chapter1.tex and  
> MyBook/Chap1/Chapter2.tex, then a typeset of MyBook/MyBook.tex will  
> create a TOC, LOT, and LOF which TeX remembers and displays when  
> you start working on MyBook/Chap1/Chapter3.tex. I find that very  
> useful when working on chapter 3.

With titletoc, the chapter toc remains in front of the chapter in the  
whole book, in addition to the book's toc.

> Of course, there would be other subdirectories of MyBook, like  
> AppA, for Appendix A, and so forth .... but the principle is the same.
> Sorry for the details, as all this may be familiar to you,

Not at all. When I designed my own setup, I had nothing to go by and  
I was lucky eventually to get what I needed with the help of a lot of  
people on the list.

> but I've been muddling it out after a rather bad start. I don't  
> what to get to chapter 10, and suddenly realize that the whole damn  
> setup should be reorganized.

That's the point of "my" setup: the contents files contain only the  
contents and are completely separate from the way you use them. Here  
is the way all chapter files begin:

%!TEX root = ../Text-controls/\jobname.tex

And that was even more important for the ancillaries. For a full  
working set of blanks, see http://www.freemathtexts.org/System/ 
Downloads.php I have attached a screenshot of the folder (The file  
preamble.tex is ill-named)


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