[OS X TeX] Latexian: A LaTeX Editor for Mac OS X

Adam M. Goldstein z_californianus-dated-1279030432.6cbe42 at shiftingbalance.org
Thu Jul 8 10:13:16 EDT 2010

>> Looks pretty nice. Does it support building new ``engines?'' The one thing that will definitely keep me from trying and using it is that it will be a commercial product; I can get wonderful editors that do (almost?) everything I need (I know there are features that others want/need) that are Open Software.
> I agree, but it is nice to see some development of new TeX tools on the Mac front.

Also nice to see that someone thinks there's a market for this.

Just looking at the list of features on the web site, it looks like there's almost total overlap with TeXShop. Maybe the PDF updating is a little easier with the taco application, though.

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