[OS X TeX] Powerdot question

David Kaplan dkaplan at education.wisc.edu
Mon Jul 12 18:48:02 EDT 2010


I have a complicated question.  I am using Powerdot via TeXShop to 
produce slides.  I have been trying to modify the colors of a particular 
Powerdot style according to suggestions made by the author of the 
style.  When I make changes and then try to typeset the slides with the 
correct command, the change doesn't appear.  What seems strange is that 
perhaps TeXShop is not even reading my change, but some other version of 
the style.  Stranger still, when uninstall powerdot and typeset my 
slides, the program works.  This makes me think that either another 
version of powerdot is installed somewhere (I can't find it), or it came 
native with TeXShop.  In any case, what I want to do is modify the style 
file and have TeXShop typeset my slides with the change.

I hope this makes sense.  I did try to nail this down with the powerdot 
people first.

Thanks in advance,


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