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On 19/07/2010, at 6:25 AM, Jung-Tsung Shen <jushen at gmail.com> wrote:

> This is a general LaTeX question, rather than a specific OS X LaTeX question.
> Is there a way to do an "inline comment" in LaTeX? Currently, the two
> ways that I know of to do comments in LaTeX are: 1) using %; and 2)
> using \begin{comment} with the verbatim package.
> These two methods however do not meet some particular needs; for
> example, in writing an article, when there are two words to choose and
> I haven't decided which one, I'd rather to keep the two words
> together, with one being commented, but without breaking the flow of
> the writing. The following simple example illustrates my point:
> "... thus, the method proposed here provides (* presents *) a unique
> approach ..."

Sure, just break the line, as follows

> "... thus, the method proposed here provides %presents
>  a unique approach ..."

Alternatively define a macro that gobbles it's argument, but you will need to be careful about how it handles any following spaces.

> In Mathematica, (* and *) are used for inline comments.

All the keyboard characters have other meanings, so only % and \ are available in ordinary manuscripts.

> Thanks in advance.
> JT

Hope this helps,


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