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Peter Vamos P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Tue Jul 20 13:06:42 EDT 2010

At 14:40 +0100 20/7/10, Antonio Cosma wrote:

>I installed gnuplot on my MacBook Air and typesetting with TexShop 
>works like you all confirmed it should. There must be some weird 
>setting on Mac Pro.

It seems to me that your TeX cannot find your Gnuplot. I suggest that 
you check the symlink and the location of the Gnuplot app. In 
particular, the last two steps in the instructions I wrote on 14/9/08 
(credit for these steps to Vic Norton):

  7. go to /usr/local/bin in terminal and do
  8. $ sudo ln -sf        

This assumes that your Gnuplot.app is actually where this path points 
to. On my desktop machine Gnuplot.app is in a folder (I don't know 
why, maybe this is how it came out of the Octave dmg) called GnuPlot 
so my symlink there points to


Maybe the safest way is to drill down to gnuplot within the Gnuplot 
package, navigate to /usr/local/bin in terminal, type sudo ln -sf 
and then drop gnuplot on the terminal. The path then would be 
appended to complete the symlink command.

Hope that this helps

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