[OS X TeX] TexShop with \usepackage{glossaries} and non-latin characters

Christian Hattinger hatti at gmx.at
Wed Jun 2 08:25:55 EDT 2010

Hallo everyone!

I sent this message about 10 days ago but I am not sure if it ever appeared
in the mailing list since I was not a member at this moment. If so - and
there are no answers - excuse me for this spam. Otherwise I hope for a
discussion about this issue:
I use for my thesis the "**glossaries**" package and would like to use a
special character (the German "Ö") as an reference for the glossary
I already searched a bit in several forums and as far as I read the '**
glossaries**' package does not work with non-latin characters. Is there any
way to solve this problem? I heard that xindy can handle such characters, if
so, is it possible to use xindy as I use the "MakeGloss" now in TexShop?*

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