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Alan Munn amunn at gmx.com
Mon Mar 8 18:25:26 EST 2010

On Mar 8, 2010, at 5:28 PM, <facenda at us.es> <facenda at us.es> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a problem with eps files. I have a file, figure.eps
> I think that texshop 2.33 converts this file to pdf when I compile  
> the document with the order  \includegraphics[]{figure}.
> But I get the error
> ! Package pdftex.def Error: File `figure-eps-converted-to.pdf' not  
> found
> See the pdftes.def package documentation for explanation

This error will show up if your included figure's filename contains  
spaces.  Are you really trying to include a figure called "figure.eps"  
or is this just a sample name you made up, and your actual filename is  
more like "Figure 1.eps"?


Alan Munn
amunn at gmx.com

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