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Lantz Susan lantzs at trine.edu
Tue Sep 7 15:34:17 EDT 2010


If I have followed this discussion correctly, the arrow's shaft is
supported by two "centers," 26 inches apart, and the arrow shaft and the
centers are on top of a lever, but at the end of the lever farthest from
the fulcrum.(I.e., the arrow is not at the end of the lever that is
pushed down.) Then a two-pound weight is applied at the fulcrum-end of
the lever.

Since (if I've understood what you're asking) the lever is deflecting,
not the arrow, the deflection equation isn't going to tell you anything
about the arrow. It will, however, tell you about the lever.

Susan, who taught a lecture on beam deflection this morning

Susan A. Lantz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Director, ME/BME Graduate Programs
Trine University
lantzs at trine.edu

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The arrow shaft is laid down on 26" centers:


on top of a lever, the small end of which is pushed down when a 2 lb.
weight is laid upon the shaft.

I need to draw a scale which shows where the pointy end is when the
rounded end is pushed down a certain amount:

-------------     /        ------------

If someone knows the names of the formulae involved in calculating how
much the large pointy end moves based on the small rounded end being
pushed down, I'd be very grateful.


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