[OS X TeX] bibtexu with TeXShop?

Simon Spiegel simon at simifilm.ch
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On 14.09.2010, at 14:38, Joseph Wright wrote:

> On 14/09/2010 13:30, Simon Spiegel wrote:
>> I'd be actually much more interested in some kind of documentation for bibtexu. So far, I've found nothingt besides the help text. And when I tried it with a biblatex document, it failed while bibtex8 could handle it …
>> Simon
> Unfortunately it seems we're only likely to find out about bibtexu by trying (Karl Berry and I have both asked about documentation and failed). Taco Hoekwater did some experiments with bibtexu to understand various issues: perhaps you might post a failing example we can try out?

Here's a minimal example which works nicely with bibtex, bibtex8 and biber, but which produces an error with bibtexu.

Address = {Frankfurt a. M.},
Author = {Kafka, Franz},
Bookauthor = {Kafka, Franz},
Booktitle = {Die Erzählungen},
Editor = {Raabe, Paul},
Origyear = {1915},
Pages = {56--99},
Shorttitle = {Die Verwandlung},
Title = {Die Verwandlung},
Year = {1994}} 
\usepackage[citestyle=authoryear,bibstyle= authoryear,backend=bibtex8]{biblatex} 




When running bibtexu, I get the following output:

The 8-bit codepage and sorting file: 88591lat.csf
The top-level auxiliary file: Untitled.aux
The style file: biblatex.bst
Database file #1: Untitled-blx.bib
Database file #2: bibfile.bib
6there is a error: U_ZERO_ERRORBiblatex version: 0.9c
6there is a error: U_ZERO_ERROR6there is a error: U_ZERO_ERROR

The really interesting thing is, that the typeset PDF actually looks ok, but the error messages dont' …


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