[OS X TeX] TeX Distribution preference pane: bug or something I did?

Dr. Clea F. Rees cfrees at imapmail.org
Sun Sep 26 16:23:36 EDT 2010

I currently have TL 2008, TL 2009 and TL 2010 installed on my machine.
It is, I admit, quite a while since I used TL 2008 and it is possible
that I have not used it since installing TL 2009. I definitely have not
used it since installing TL 2010. However, today I needed to.

I am on a ppc machine running 10.4.11.

Unfortunately, switching to the 2008 distribution using the TeX
Distribution preference pane did not work because /usr/texbin is a link
to ../Library/TeX/Distributions/.DefaultTeX/Contents/Programs/ppc but
when the distribution is set to 2008, there is no such directory
because .../Programs/ contains only powerpc and i386 but not ppc. This
is, of course, easy enough to fix by adding an additional link for 2008
but I assume the point of the preference pane is precisely to enable
users to avoid having to do these thing manually.

To the best of my knowledge, before today I never touched the contents
of /Library/TeX. (Today I added the link to get things working.)
However, I can't rule out having done something inadvertently; having
done something and forgotten about it; or having done something else
which did something.

Does the switch back to 2008 work for others on ppc machines?


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