[OS X TeX] Suddenly, I'm Italian

Enrico Franconi franconi at inf.unibz.it
Sat Dec 3 10:37:25 EST 2011

>>>>> Have to admit I have `English(Aspell)' as my dictionary; gives me relief when spell-checking with commands. (You need CocoAspell installed.)
>>>> I failed to install it in Lion; how did you do?
>>> I'm getting old and it's been a while... First I set System Preferences->Languages & Text->Text->Spelling: to English(Aspell) rather than Automatic; I set the CocoAspell dictionary to English; that might have been it. If I had to re-install, I don't remember, it is very important to clean out all the files associated with CocoAspell in ~/Library/... and /Library/... as well as the preference pane.
>> My problem is that the preference pane does not work: it refuses to open once installed :-(
>> --e.
> Howdy,
> Did it work under Snow Leopard? Are you using CocoAspell 2.1? Do  Get Info… on /Library/PreferencePanes/Spelling.prefpane and make sure it is (Universal) --- maybe it was ``cleaned'' of Intel code way back when.

I realised what happened: I am trying to use CocoAspell with aspell from MacPorts.
It worked perfectly in SnowLeopard, but not in Lion :-(
If I install the unmodified version of CocoAspell, it does work in Lion.

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