[OS X TeX] Pesky TeXShop warnings

Don Green Dragon fergdc at Shaw.ca
Mon Feb 7 16:40:57 EST 2011

Hi Frank,


>> \rule{\textwidth}{4pt}
>> \rule{\textwidth}{2pt}
>> and TeXShop places a vertical bar to the right of the second rule and complains (not including the ---------- guys):
>> ----------
>> Overfull \hbox (30.0pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 17--19
>> [] |
>> ----------
> <snap>
> Well, if your parargraph inddentation is non zero you will get this.
> Try :
> \noindent\rule{\textwidth}{4pt}
> \noindent\rule{\textwidth}{2pt}
> an you will get what you wanted (two black lines across the page)

I was getting what I wanted; i.e., the two rules that spanned the `textwidth' of the page.

I tried your \noindent advice and that made no difference --- no difference in the sense that the PDF seems unchanged and the `warning' command remains as noted above. Here is my wild guess as to what is going on!

The document class line is

\documentclass [11pt, fleqn, leqno] {book}

and shortly is followed by

\usepackage[parfill]{parskip}  % Begin paragraphs without indent of the first word

So, it seems that "my paragraph indent" should be zero!

Also, the `geometry' package has been used to changed the text area as follows:

\usepackage{geometry}       % See geometry.pdf ($:texdoc geometry)to learn the layout options.
\geometry{letterpaper}        % Set paper size to 8.5''x11''. This is the default for <book>
\geometry{includeheadfoot}	% include header & footer as part of body (text area)
\geometry{top=0.75in, bottom=0.5in}	% textheight = 11 - .75 - .5 = 9.75 in
\geometry{inner=1in, outer=1.5in}	% textwidth = 8.5 - 1 - 1.5 = 6 in

So is it possible that the warning about the rules being "(30.0pt too wide)" is based on the default values for {book} and not the ones that I've changed with \geometry ??? Just guessing! 30pt off is a large error!

Thanks for your suggestions.

Don Green Dragon
fergdc at Shaw.ca

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