[OS X TeX] Shortcut for 'Replace and Find again' in TeXshop ?

Eric van der Oord eric.vanderoord at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 06:12:19 EST 2011

Hi all ,

I have to handle thousands  on pages of bad formated TeX documents, and need an efficient "Search and replace".

In a precedent thread,  I've complained about the fact that clicking in the ogrekit window of TexShop de-activates the window of the text handled, and then the find results are "light gray" highlighted and hard to see.

I was gently told to quit  the ogrekit window, and use  <Command>-G  for "search again" in the window of the text handled.

Well, is there some shortcut for "Replace and Find again" ? I don't find it in the help file...

Thanks for any help


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