[OS X TeX] ae character

Michael Sharpe msharpe at ucsd.edu
Mon Feb 14 20:11:23 EST 2011

On Feb 14, 2011, at 7:36 AM, Marinos K wrote:

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> Hello,
> I' m using this template
> http://robjhyndman.com/research/cv.sty
> for a CV but I just noticed that the character ae is represented as an a
> and an e rather than the special symbol
> If I recall correctly latex automatically takes care of this, so I guess
> there has to be some command in the .sty that changes this - but I' m
> not that experienced to figure it out myself..

Ligature substitution is font dependent, governed by the tfm. You can force ae to appear as a ligature (if present in the font, which it most certainly is in the kpfonts loaded by the template) by writing it as \ae, but most font tfms I've looked at don't declare that all ae pairs should be rendered as the a_e ligature. 


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