[OS X TeX] Pesky TeXShop warnings

Don Green Dragon fergdc at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 16 00:54:52 EST 2011

hello Frank,

On 2011-08Feb-, at 9:14 AM, Frank STENGEL wrote:

> Le 7 févr. 2011 à 22:40, Don Green Dragon a écrit :
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>> \usepackage[parfill]{parskip}  % Begin paragraphs without indent of the first word
>> So, it seems that "my paragraph indent" should be zero!
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> Indeed. However, it is parskip that is the offending package. To be more precise the parfill option in parskip. Basically that option adds a stretchable space of at least 30pt at the end of the last line of each paragraph. So the second rule is actually a \textwidth rule followed by a 30pt space: it sticks out by 30pt!

So .... Obviously, I did not understand what that [parfill] option was doing. Neat explanation. Thanks for that.

Not finding a discussion of the package 'parskip' in either The LaTeX Companion or More Math into LaTeX, I tried 

$ texdoc parskip

and Robin Fairbairns two page document came up. That led to all manner of interesting documents! Incredible!!

Don Green Dragon
fergdc at Shaw.ca

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