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Don Green Dragon fergdc at Shaw.ca
Mon Feb 21 23:54:53 EST 2011

Hi Shahriar,

As to your subject line, I think you mean "in another chapter".

> On Feb 21, 2011, at 7:33 PM, Shahriar Anwar wrote:
>> Dear LaTeX Community,
>> I am writing a manuscript using the memoir class. The different chapters ( .tex files) of the manuscript are entered in the main document with the command \include{Path/ChapterName}. Now if I have a figure in Chapter2 (\label{fig:AGreatFigure}), say, and want to reference it from Chapter4, then how would I go about doing it? 
>> I have tried \ref{fig:AGreatFigure} and \ref{Path/Chapter2/fig:AGreatFigure} and different variants of it in Chapter4, but upon compiling my main manuscript.tex file I get question marks (??) where I expect the proper referencing to be. Of course I have saved and compiled my documents several times but haven't figured out the solution.

I hesitate to reply, but the following works for me.

With respect to figures, I label them fig1a, fig1b, ... for figures in chapter 1. For figures in chapter 2, I use fig2a, fig2b, .... and so forth.

At this point, only two chapters are involved.

In chapter 1, I have a figure which is labelled with \label{fig1a}. When I refer to it in the source files, I simply use 

	In Figure \ref{fig1a}, the notion of ....

and the proper reference to Figure 1.1 appears in the PDF file whether the reference occurs in the source code for chapter 1 or chapter 2.

By the way, in the preamble of the root file, I include the line


since I keep the graphic files (usually .pdf guys) in the directory


where <path> leads to the root file for the document. For example, if the directory where the root files lies is


then <path> is the path above. Specifically:

<path>/Drawings/Chap1/	contains the graphic files for chapter 1,
<path>/Drawings/Chap2/	contains the graphic files for chapter 2,
and so forth.

Consequently in the source file for chapter 1, I can use simple references like:

\includegraphics[scale=<scalefactor>]{<name of file in Drawings/Chap1/>}

for example


In the past, I have used longer paths in the commands \includegraphics such as


but I think (not sure) that <Drawings> must be a subdirectory of the directory where the root/master file is located. If you had different graphic files in different directories, but with the same name --- e.g., 'Fiveness' --- then would surely be an ambiguity and I don't know how TeXShop would handle it.

When I add some figures to chapter 2, I think the \graphicspath line must be changed to


Have not yet used the above extension. The ideas for this came from The LaTeX Companion (start on page 624)  and Graetzer discusses these matters in section 3 of chapter 18 (i.e., 18.3).

I don't claim the above system is "a good one", merely that, so far, it has worked fairly well.

Hopefully, more experienced users will suggest improvements.  :-)

Don Green Dragon
fergdc at Shaw.ca

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