[OS X TeX] Which OS X fonts with matching math fonts?

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Tue Feb 22 06:44:51 EST 2011


Mac OS X comes with quite a lot of very nice fonts, and it's easy to use them
from LaTeX with XeLaTeX. Not using a Mac myself, I'm not very familiar with
those fonts, in particular I don't which of them blend well with one the math
fonts provided with TeX Live.

I'd like to give recommend to a LaTeX beginner who is currently using Times
(from OpenOffice) something that looks better and is just as easy to use for
documents containing a lot of (not-so-complicated) math.

I'd rather avoid the good old Latin Mordern if possible just to show off that
LaTeX isn't just Latin Modern (any more) :-)

I'm looking primarily for serif fonts, but sans fonts would be fine too, for
beamer slides.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


PS: what I have in mind is something like

\setmainfont{Adobe Garamond Pro}

but with a font distributed with OS X in place of Garamond.

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