[OS X TeX] Which OS X fonts with matching math fonts?

Luci Ellis luci at verbeia.com
Wed Feb 23 14:18:48 EST 2011

On 23/02/2011, at 10:21 AM, Peter Dyballa wrote:

> Am 22.02.2011 um 19:08 schrieb Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard:
>> What I
>> actually wanted to ask is: in addition to the well-known free fonts usable on
>> any platform with any TeX engine, is there any font provided with OS X which is
>> particularly worth trying and looks fine with one of the existing free math fonts?
> I don't know. (And I don't want to make a few thousand comparisons.) Here is the list of font(file)s installed in Mac OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard, without Snow):
> fixed	PostScript name				Full name                               Location
> ===================================================================================================
> no      JCkg                                    #GungSeo Regular                        /Library/Fonts/#Gungseouche.dfont
> <snip>

I have examples for Cochin (with kmath) and Optima (with iwona) here: http://www.verbeia.com/tex/
Baskerville looks good with txfonts, but my example is for Adobe New Baskerville, not the version that comes with OS X.
I haven't gotten around to exploring the other OS X fonts. I also recently bought the Adobe Type Basics pack, which has things like Kepler and Caslon Pro.
If I work out some good TeX options there, I will post them to the URL above.


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