[OS X TeX] Latex to Html

Sylvain CHAMBON chambon.sylvain at me.com
Thu Jan 13 20:07:39 EST 2011

hi !

i'm trying to  find a simple way to put on web my latex works.

i've found TeX4ht and (its SimpleTex4ht MacOS X gui interface) but i'm  
not satisfied by the result : maths formula are transformed in awful  
bitmap images or in mathml format which is quite ignored (or  
misunderstood)  by almost web browsers.

i've also seen the result of mathjax for example which produces very  
beautiful math in all browser, really amazing.

finally, here is my purpose (and also my question) : is there a way  
(options in TeX4ht or with an other software) to produce a html page  
from a latex file (a simple one, to begin...) in which all text will  
be html coded except the equations, that means all between $...$ or \ 
[...\] or $$...$$ or whatever else... which will stay the same that in  
the latex file ? thus, when i'll publish that page, mathjax to the job  
for maths formulas...

i hope i'm clear because i'm not really good in english... sorry about  
that !

thanks for your answering.


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