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On Jan 14, 2011, at 11:51 AM, Alain Schremmer wrote:

> Command line!

I'm a Unix person at work who's been using a Mac at home since 1980-something.  (Ditto with much of my family.)  I was thrilled when Mac OS X was introduced, because I then got the best of both worlds.  You can solve a lot of problems using bash (along with sed, grep, awk, sort, and so forth), not to mention the occasional Emacs macro.

I heartily recommend Neal Stephenson's "In the Beginning Was the Command Line", found at http://www.cryptonomicon.com/beginning.html ...

More on point: Somebody who knows some AppleScript magic might be able to create a drag-n-drop based on same.  This strikes me as something that ought to be an easy task.  However, I don't know AppleScript.

> I forgot to mention that my very limited experience with ThH is that it can deal only with "very standard" LaTeX. For instance, it does not recognize paralist.

I've encountered this problem myself.  I sometimes need to patch up the HTML produced by tth.  However, it tends to cover over 90% of what I need, which is good enough.

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