[OS X TeX] Quote environmnet versus lists

Chris Goedde cgg.lists at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 16:23:19 EST 2011

On Jan 24, 2011, at 2:57 PM, Manfred Braun wrote:

>> I think what is really needed here is TeX's \narrower command.
>> All it does is adjust the left & right margins, via:
>>> \narrower=macro:
>> ->\advance \leftskip \parindent \advance \rightskip \parindent .
>> l.21 \show\narrower
> The \narrower command doesn't work if list environments are included.
> The simplest solution is to use the quotation (not quote!) environment:
> \begin{quotation}
> ...
> \end{quotation}

As Manfred says, list environments don't seem to respect the \narrower command, unfortunately. Further, as far as I can tell, the quotation environment has the exact same effect as the quote environment. It is also built on top of the the \list command, so it also raises the list level by one, changing the parameters of inner lists accordingly.

I'm looking at the definition of \list and \endlist in latex.ltx. My first thought was that I could copy these and then make my own versions of that don't advance/decrement the \@listdepth counter and then use these to define my own custom quote environment. But I think that won't work because I want some parameters to change (the linewidth and the indentation), but not the other (the line spacings). Hmm...

Thanks for the help so far, and any other ideas or suggestions.


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