[OS X TeX] Figures & Tables - Miscellaneous Issues

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 15:30:18 EST 2011

> Here's a MWE (almost identical to the previous one) with my (rather poor) attempts to use the \phantom, \bigstrut and \rule commands to create evenly spaced rows, with the text vertically centered.  Any suggestions here?

Since you are trying to force the rows to have some minimal height, instead of \phantom you should probably \vphantom (the v here is for vertical).

This is still a crude solution, but you could setup a length command and use an appropriate strut - define something like

\setlength{\myheight}{6ex} %or whatever works; make it big enough, slightly bigger than than your highest row

and then start each new row with \padding

This way you can at least easily change the vertical padding on all rows at once, just by changing the value you put in the \setlength command above.

(Ideally there should be simply be an option in some package for tabular stuff that would allow setting a minimal row height - and maybe there is, but I don't know it)

Luis Sequeira

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