[OS X TeX] Tabular error & changing the numbering of subsections, ...

Don Green Dragon fergdc at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 30 21:29:33 EST 2011

Hi Berend,

>> <<snip>>
>> % Now change the numbering of subsections, subsubsections, and  paragraphs within a chapter
>> \renewcommand{\thesubsection{\thesection.\Alph{subsection}}}
>> which worked fine except that a warning was issued:
>> +++++
>> ./MasterCalc.tex:53: LaTeX Error: \thesubsection {0.0.}undefined.
>> See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
>> Type  H <return>  for immediate help.
>> ...                                              
> Given that you have no closing } after the \thesubsection but right at the end you are attempting to redefine
> the macro \thesubsection{\thesection.\Alph{subsection}}.

OK. I see that now.

> It doesn't exist so LaTeX throws an error (it's not a warning but an  error; see exact message in the .log file).

I'll redo the mistake and look in the .log file.

> Even if the macro had existed you would have ignited another error. \renewcommand expects a second argument.

The syntax that the LaTeX Companion uses does not present the first argument in the {...} form. Hence my query about that. I had to reread Graetzer before realizing the two argument requirement.

Thanks for your clear explanations. 

After reading more stuff in The LaTeX Companion, I think the following may be an answer to my original question:

In The LaTeX Companion there are several instances where the authors write


which is a short form of


I suspect they use the above consistently ;-) but I was not sure of that when I penned my original message.

Don Green Dragon
fergdc at Shaw.ca

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