[OS X TeX] Fix for Pref Pane

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Sat Jul 30 13:48:07 EDT 2011


There are major problems with Build 151 of the TeX Distribution Preference
Pane installed by TeXLive-2011 and BasicTeX-2011. You can check whether
you have that version by opening the TeX Dist pane at the bottom of Apple's
System Preference and checking the build version at bottom left.

A very small install package named FixMacTeX2011 is available at


This package fixes three problems:

	1) It replaces build 151 of the Pref Pane with build 150, which
	works fine. It also fixes links which were broken by build 151 of
	the Pref Pane

	2) Users who installed MacTeX and later upgraded to Lion could
	typeset from GUI front ends, but not from the command line. This
	problem occurs because upgrading removes small files named TeX
	from /etc/paths.d and /etc/manpaths.d. The FixMacTeX2011 
	packages replaces these files and fixes the problem
	3) Users who install MacTeX-2011 and later install an earlier
	version like MacTeX-2010 will discover that they have an
	older version of the Pref Pane. This version essentially works,
	but it cannot switch to the 64 bit binaries in TeXLive-2011.
	FixMacTeX2011 fixes this problem by updating to build 150
	of the Pref Pane and changing the link /usr/texbin to its 2011

A few beta testers got an earlier version of FixMacTeX2011 which
attempted to fix the problem without switching to build 150. They
should throw away that beta version and get the release version.

BasicTeX-2011 has been upgraded on CTAN to a version which installs
Build 150 of the Pref Pane, and MacTeX-2011 will soon be similarly
upgraded. It will take a few days for these updates to reach mirror
sites. MacTeX on the Tug DVD will be the old version,
so users who get that version need to apply the Fix.

Dick Koch

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