[OS X TeX] How to insert chemical reactions

Manfred Braun manfred.braun at uni-due.de
Fri Jun 10 03:32:42 EDT 2011

On 10.06.2011, at 10:02, Alireza Dehghani wrote:

> 2- i want to tell Latex to write Scheme 2.1 below this reaction scheme instead of Figure 2.1.

in the preamble, i.e., somewhere before \begin{document}, then all your figures will be denoted as "Scheme". 

You can change the name also again within the document. Then, however, the numbering goes on, only the name is changed. If you want to have both figures and schemes numbered independently, you have to create your own "scheme environment" that allows you to use \begin{scheme} ... \end{scheme}. This is a little bit more complicated.


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