[OS X TeX] Installing new fonts with MacTeX 2011

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Fri Jun 10 07:51:57 EDT 2011

On Jun 10, 2011, at 1:01 AM, Alain Matthes wrote:

> Hello
> I  would like to avoid recurrent problems with TeX Live Utility when I update a lot of things.
> Often I have an error because some .map files are not found.
> So the question is simple. I work on "my" mac, I'm the administrator and the user and I can destroy it
> if I want :)
> I have some commercial fonts,  some "casseaux" fonts ( thanks to JY Andre) . Sometimes I put the fonts
> in my personal texmf folder , sometimes in the texmf-local folder.


Where do you put these font files? I.e., the pfb files should go into a sub-directory (for organizational purposes) of .../fonts/type1/, the map files in a sub-folder of .../fonts/map/dvips/, etc. (where .../ is either ~/Library/texmf/ [personal tree] or /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/ [system wide tree]). If you put it into the system wide tree you also need to run

sudo mktexlsr


sudo texhash

(which is a for mktexlsr) so that TeX can find the added files.

Then, to get latex to know how to deal with the files run

sudo updmap-sys --syncwithtrees

which tells updmap-sys to add the new map files to a list of map files it keeps (some maps in the list are activated others are not). Finally, for the map file you want to activate run

sudo updmap-sys --enable Map mymap.map

where mymap.map is the map file you want to activate. This tells updmap-sys to activate the mymap.map file by adding it's contents to master map files for different backends (e.g., dvips). If you have multiple map files to add you can save time by not creating those master map file each time by running

sudo updmap-sys --nohash --nomkmap --enable Map mymap.map

which activates the map in list of map files but doesn't recreate the master map files for each map file and then tell updmap-sys to create a final set of master map files with the command

sudo updmap-sys

and things should work.

> There is also a texlive folder in my library, useful I think for texdoc and other things.

That tree is where TeX Live will put personal configurations (I don't recommend that for fonts since it leads to confusion when tings don't work) but also create bit map fonts and tfm files on the fly if they are needed by latex.

Hope that helps.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

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