[OS X TeX] Installing new fonts with MacTeX 2011

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Mon Jun 13 04:55:53 EDT 2011

Am 13.06.2011 um 10:20 schrieb Alain Matthes:

> So I would like to know if I add some fonts, how to avoid these  
> problem with TLU and the .map files not found ?
> I have some fonts in texmf-local and other in ~/texmf/fonts

Make sure that the font files mentioned in these MAP file fragments  
are as well in texmf-local and ~/texmf/fonts! (Something that can't be  
found cannot be used.) And since TLU runs in the end with elevated  
privileges the tlmgr utility, tlmgr won't find stuff in your private  
parts (~/texmf/fonts).

Private things stay private in TeX. You need to have your private  
updated copy of the MAP files.

One option is to talk to Adam asking him to implement a post- 
processing hook in TLU. In case TLU finds private MAP file fragments  
it automatically refreshes the private MAP files. It can do this  
easily because it has been launched with your ID/privileges.



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