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Attached you will find two files that illustrate a problem I'm having.  As you can see in the PDF file, there's a page break between the "Exercise 3.4" heading and the solution.   Needless to say, this is a really bad place for a page break.  It would make much more sense for the page break to appear before the heading, so that the heading and the solution would be together.

Note that the definition of the "solution" environment includes a \nopagebreak.  Moreover, I even inserted a \nopagebreak within the solution to this exercise.  This availed me not.

Of course, I could insert a \newpage before the solution to Exercise 3.4.  But this is a pretty brittle solution.  What I'm showing you here is really a stripped-down example of the real thing, which is the solutions manual to a textbook.  Moreover, rather than manually maintaining separate files for the text and the solutions manual, we're using the "answers" package to generate the solutions manual file automatically, which adds a bit more indirection to the stew.  So going back and fixing things manually would be a tedious, error-prone solution, which would break if we were to include additional exercises.

Do any of you have suggestions about how to fix this?  Many thanks!!

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