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Per Ting perting at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 00:45:39 EDT 2011

I realize that this is not the appropriate forum to ask this question. I
apologize for posting this question.  I have already posted it on
comp.text.tex but have received no response.

I am writing a book where the running headers of even pages are
chapter titles and running head of odd pages are section titles. The
last section of each chapter is a section called "Problems". I would
like this section to have no section number, appear in the TOC without
section number and be justified under the title of other sections (not
under the number of other sections) and appear in the heading of odd
pages as "Problems" with no section number. What I have been doing is
the following. At the end of Chapter 1 I have added:

\def\mr{\large{\it Problems}}

This causes:
1- "Problems" to appear in the TOC without section number but left
justified under other sections that start with section number
2-When Chapter 2 starts, on odd pages I do not have section number,
rather "Problems" appears for the entire book as the header on odd

How can I solve these two problems? How cabn I reset the running
header to the section number again at the beginning of Chapter 2 and
have "Problems" correctly justified in TOCs.


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