[OS X TeX] New TLU glitch

Justin C. Walker justin at mac.com
Tue Jun 28 04:19:46 EDT 2011


I ran TLU just now, and was notified of "critical updates" and a new version (0.92).  Since the latter was the front alert, I clicked Install/Relaunch, and waited.  And waited.  Being a patient sort, I quickly brought up the Force Quit dialog and 86's it, "it" being whatever was reinstalling TLU, since after the FQ, TLU was still running.  It's "About" box said "0.92", but I quit and restarted anyway.

The subsequent run completed w/o problems.

I ran TLU on a second system, and this time, cancelled the alert sheet before agreeing to the launch/restart.  In this case, all worked as expected.



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