[OS X TeX] List (enumerate) and indentation

Gert van Oss gertlist at mac.com
Tue May 3 09:58:30 EDT 2011

I keep stumbling on a formatting problem for a list I need to use often (legal doc.). It's formatted like:


1.    paragraph one

2.    paragraph two  \label{two}

3.    paragraph three \ref{two}

Achieving this format with a normal list doesn't work for me as the indentation is to big (the numbering ends up more to the right as I wish). Currently I use the code mentioned below. However I can't seem to create a bigger distance between the numbering and text after that. Can someone point me in the direction.

\item Paragraph one
\item Paragraph two \label{two}
\item Paragraph three. Refer to \ref{two}. toch wel


	\item text written here

But also there the same problem of not enough indentation. Is there a simple solution?


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