[OS X TeX] TeXShop bracket highlighting

Peter Vamos P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Mon May 23 07:00:39 EDT 2011

At 11:25 +0100 23/5/11, Michael Welsh wrote:
>This feature is cool. Is there anyway to get $$ to play as brackets?

If you make a mistake with a $...$ or $$..$$ pair then TeX will not 
know which was meant to be the opening and the closing. That is why 
in LaTeX it is recommended (good paractice?) to use instead the 
\(...\) and \[...\] pairs for inline math and displayed math 

Alas the new feature of bracket highlighting in TexShop, very nice 
though it is, will will not take anu notice of these escaped 
brackets. Nevertheless, if you do use them then it will be easier to 
debug than with the dollar characters.


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