[OS X TeX] Fwd: Squeezing MacTex onto a Macbook Air

Bob bcbob43 at aol.com
Fri May 27 14:58:49 EDT 2011

I want to use Mactex on a Mac Air that only has a 64 GB disk so every GB

counts. I noticed that the MacTeX.mpkg.zip seems to have duplicate
trees, one under the home directory of the archive and one under MACOSX.

Are both of these necessary?

Does the installer only choose the version for my computer's operating
system so the duplication in the zip file does not matter if I delete it
after the installation is complete?

My interest is to use the installation for Lyx. Does anyone have other
suggestions for reducing the installed size?


p.s. Sorry if this is a duplicate post. I sent one from an incorrect account.

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