[OS X TeX] pdfopen in MacTeX useful?

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Aug 3 05:14:55 EDT 2012

Am 03.08.2012 um 06:12 schrieb Charles Shooshan:

> Should I just abandon the idea of using pdfopen?

IMO: yes! Better configure texdoc, which you really need to look up or find TeX documentation, that it uses the proper applications to display text, HTML, DVI, PS, and PDF documents. Then you could use 'texdoc --just-view <your PDF output file>' or a shorter shell alias – or the Mac OS X way: either 'open -a <your preferred application to display PDF, which can be TeXShop> <your PDF output file>' or when you've set in the launch services that PDF files should be opened by a particular application 'open <your PDF output file>' or a shorter shell alias.

Apple's Preview application cannot refresh, you constantly see the initially loaded version of the PDF output file.



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