[OS X TeX] Using Latin-1 with TexShop preferences set at UTF-8

Jacques ANDRÉ jacques.andre35 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 11:26:56 EDT 2012

I have a new iMac under Mountain Lion. I have installed MacTeX2012
 (including the bug corrections).

I have set TeXShop preferences so that encoding= ISO Latin 1 (most of my sources are still in latin-1!).
It works fine, both with Latin-1 texts, and with UTF-8 texts when I open them with encoding=Unicode (UTF-8).

Now, I reset TeXShop preferencies to Encoding=Unicode (UTF-8) (and restart  the mac).
If I open UTF-8 texts, it's OK.
If I open Latin-1 texts with Encoding=Occidental (ISO Latin 1), the TeXShop window show my latin-1 text as if it was an UTF-8 text seen by a Latin-1 editor.
However, TeXShop runs correctly my source and the output is OK.

Small example :
Here is my lat1.tex source:

Moïse a été à l'\oe uvre pour ses leçons.

Here what I see, when TeXShop preferences are set to Latin-1 :

And here what I see, when TeXSHop preferences are set to UTf-8 and when I open the lat1.tex with Encoding=Latin-1 :

Did I do some mistake during downloading MacTeX2012 ? Or did I miss some settings?
Or is it a TeXShop bug, runing correctly but badly posting the source ?


Jacques André

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