[OS X TeX] Unable to create index

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Fri Aug 31 06:53:50 EDT 2012

On 31/08/12 11:23, Johann Spies wrote:
> I am unable to create an index as said in the subject line.
> The problem is that makeindex is rejecting the format of the idx-file.
> I attach the original .tex-file (which is a selection from a bigger
> project), the idx-file and the ilg-file (created by makeindex).
> What is going on here?

After some googling:
It seems that the babel "hebrew" option, more precisely the rlbabel.def 
file loaded by that option, is incompatible with makeindex. You have to 
get rid of the \@@number stuff that is written into the idx file.
Some other babel options are also incompatible with makeindex, and some 
of them provide scripts to fix the idx file. I haven't seen one for 
hebrew, but it wouldn't be difficult to write such a script.


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